Hub Shark Adventure Story

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Tue Oct 28 17:29:24 PDT 2008

Worth it to me in the circumstance that I needed to get it done before
driving to Colorado for the winter starting Saturday.  I'm expecting to go
through the whole suspension next summer, so I'll do those other services
then.  This bearing had gone from making a little noise to making a slight
vibration in the steering wheel.  I've had too many demands on my time the
last three months to address this the way I originally wanted to.

> Kneale,
> In retrospect, was the use of this “short cut” tool worth the “effort
> saved” if any, over doing the complete job right, i.e. strut/ bearing
> housing to the press, upper strut thrust bearing checked and relubed,
> CV boot possibly replaced, shock insert checked?
> Bernie
> On Oct 28, 2008, at 3:12 PM, kneale at wrote:
>> I got my 200q20v's wheel bearing out and back in and then foolishly
>> pressed in the hub without backing the center of the bearing=one ruint
>> bearing.  Next one went in a little less hapily, but I also got the
>> hub
>> pressed back in without destroying the binding.   Just a $40 lesson, I
>> guess.  Anyway, anybody know how big a gap there should be between
>> the hub
>> and the bearing housing?  I have about a 4mm gap.  I didn't measure
>> before, the bearing is against its shoulder and the hub end is at the
>> inner bearing surface, but the gap just looks larger to me.
>> Thanks to all who helped.
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