ACNA 2008 election shenanigans?

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Fri Oct 31 12:51:36 PDT 2008

I have let my lapse as well.  I was recently at urq25 and Dean Treadway
spoke very movingly about the group and the Audi enthusiast community as a
whole.  I was ready to re-up when I returned home because I truly believe he
is genuine in his enthusiasm and support.  It didn't take too long for me to
be turned sour again after reading stuff on Audiworld, in the Rocky Mountain
Forum.  I am/would be affiliated with the Rocky Mtn Chapter of ACNA.  Seems
dysfunction goes back a way here.  I've felt quite alienated for a couple
years actually due to activity or lack thereof and communication or lack
thereof regarding the local chapter.  At this point I regard much as the
current national election.  It's just a bunch of static and I've tuned it

Colorado Springs
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> This political BS is why I've let my membership lapse. Too 
> bad they don't put the same energy into actually making the 
> ACNA a decent club!
>  Dan D
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> Subject: ACNA 2008 election shenanigans? 
> Excuse the bandwidth, but if you are a current ACNA member, support 
> the mission and efforts of the club,  please take a few minutes to 
> read and consider the following:
> Remember that the ACNA board of directors sets the direction for the 
> club and controls what is done with your membership dollars.
> There is an ACNA forum on Audiworld 
> , but if like 
> myself you rarely view it BUT are a standing member of ACNA, consider 
> this to be an important notice.
> Time is of the essence...
> Educate yourself before submitting your ACNA ballot.
> Thanks
> -Peter S
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> <>A Call to 
> Action! We need your help to rescind the 2008 ACNA election! 
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> Folks,
> If you have read Peter Barada's (Audizilla) letter and agree that 
> there are enough issues to warrant a recall of the 2008 ACNA 
> election, the time to act is now. The ACNA Board of Directors will 
> not do anything about the election unless we, the membership, 
> convince them that they must. Although one would hope so, the sad 
> truth is that Peter's letter alone is simply not enough. We must 
> raise our voices and state that we believe that the election must be 
> recalled and started anew.
> The board will meet on Saturday, November 1 and if we do not have 
> them convinced by that time, the task of having a recall will fall 
> upon the shoulders up us, the membership. If they do not vote, and 
> approve, a recall at that meeting, we will have to force a special 
> meeting of the board. In order to do so, we will have to gather 
> signatures from 5% of the membership, garner their proxy votes, and 
> one or more of us will have to travel to Oconomowoc to meet with the 
> board and vote to rescind, a series of herculean tasks that 
> nobody relishes.
> Our chance to persuade the board to do what is right and good for the 
> club is extremely short. I ask that everyone who believes that a 
> recall of the vote is in the best interest of the ACNA to please send 
> an email, right now, to every member of the ACNA board of directors 
> stating support of Peter Barada's letter. It doesn't have to be 
> lengthy, in fact simpler is better. Just let them know that 
> they must act.
> As of this point, over 800 people have read the letter and nobody, 
> including directors, has disproven any portion of it.
> To help rescind this mess, I've created the following link. By 
> clicking it, you will create an email to the entire ACNA board. 
> Simply fill in your name, ACNA ID number and click send. Get the 
> board to do the right thing.
> <mailto:dean.acna at,hornerjw at,searley at
,msvphoto at,matthew.hull at,mjperry2 at,kent at karquat,mike at,marywayers at
Email to Board of Directors

Time is short. We need to give this club the direction it needs. If 
you've volunteered, participated, attended or enjoyed any of the 
events or benefits the ACNA, and especially your chapter, has 
offered, please send an email right now!

Thank you,

Jonathan Porath
Member 18443

Peter Barada's Letter:

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