Time to move on...

Phil and Judy Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Fri Oct 31 15:26:40 PDT 2008

I believe we met in person only once (perhaps twice) many years ago 
at one of the Mt. Washington hill-climb get-togethers, but I've 
enjoyed our "virtual" association on this list--especially your 
always helpful and common-sensical approach to problems. We'll miss 
you on the list and wish you well in your future Audi (or whatever) 


At 4:43 PM -0400 10/31/08, Peter Schulz wrote:
>I want to thank the list for the advice and support over the years.
>It's time to reduce the fleet to below Paul Royal proportions since
>my original Coupe seems to have followed me back home.
>Not driving these cars will lead to their quick death, so I have
>begrudgingly posted my 200 20v wagon in the Audifans Marketplace...
>I still have a 3b that's going into the perpetual eS2 project, so I
>will be around in lurk mode.
>Thanks to Bernie for his experience, fat wallet syndrome and all,
>Kneale, Phil, Ed, Mike Miller, taka, Chris Miller and countless
>others for helping me maintain at one time two of these unique cars,
>and finally to Brett for hosting the list
>-Peter Schulz
>Chelmsford Ma, USA
>1995.5 S6 Avant Emerald/Ecru
>1995.5 S6 Avant Silver/Platinum
>1991 200 20v Q Avant Titan Grey (for sale)
>1991 90 20v Q Red
>1990 Audi Coupe (destined for my nephew)
>1991 CQ silver  (eS2 recipient)
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