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John S. Lagnese jlagnese at
Wed Sep 3 18:56:44 PDT 2008

This may just be random, but when I changed the climate control/ fan 
afterrun relay, the a/c has run all the time and cold. Before the 
replacement the a/c was not cold at an idle. It may be worth a shot if you 
have a spare.
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> For those of you who remember, I recently changed my ac and alternator 
> belts because the ac one broke (which took out the alt belt).
> Well, the belts are in tact, but the comp isn't coming on anymore. I think 
> its whatever electrical (dodad) that tells the comp to come on.
> Some things to consider:
> Sometimes when driving on the highway, and on startup, the air doesn't 
> blow thru the top vents. If I do any kind of deceleration of the engine, 
> it will come back. That sounds to me like its a vacuum controlled setup? 
> Probably clogged or cracked line? Its been doing that since before comp 
> issues.
> The down button for temperature sometimes doesn't work. The up botton 
> always works.
> Comp spins freely with car on...
> I am just assuming this is electrical related. Thanks in advance for any 
> info!
> -Chris
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