Why are 200 20v's worthless

Jeff Redig birdmanmt at gmail.com
Thu Sep 4 06:47:27 PDT 2008

I'll chime in a little bit, i'm currently someone selling my 200.  I commute
25-30 miles one way per day.  A lot of times that ends up being stop and go
traffic between 20 and 50mph.  This wagon in those conditions usually gets
about 18.5mpg.  In liquidating my supply of parts/spares/goodies and selling
the car I can come up with $6k+ in cash to put towards a TDI.  I borrowed my
brother's TDI for the same commute for a few weeks and was averaging
49.2mpg.  The $300/month in gas is a killer when combined with the
maintenance headaches that t44's induce.  I can't afford to spend 5 hours,
two nights per week working on old broken crap just to get to work the next
day.  There's more to life than that, IMO.  The TDI will cost about
$75/month for the same driving, I can't afford not to do that, especially
with grand schemes of a track car in the future sometime.  I'll save over
$200 per month by switching and get a 10 year newer car, that sounds pretty
good to me.


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