Why are 200 20v's worthless

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That's some bad mileage (I get 23mpg on 87oct), I commute 44mi each way,
I stopped driving my 98 tdi this summer because it sucks,  it's got no
power, it handles poorly (even w/ the new upgraded suspension I put in),
the seats are pathetic, it's only front wheel dr, fuel is $1 more/gal,
even with the fold down seat I fit a lot of stuff....etc. 

At least if you go with pd tdi you can get better performance...but I'm
not sure your maintenance issues will cease.....the german tuned passat
wagon tdi (company car in germany) I drive is ok, that car cruises at
130mph and feels ok, my jetta, feels like it may blow up at
85mph....good luck with the diesel...make sure you have a good battery
when it gets cold. 


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I'll chime in a little bit, i'm currently someone selling my 200.  I
25-30 miles one way per day.  A lot of times that ends up being stop and
traffic between 20 and 50mph.  This wagon in those conditions usually
about 18.5mpg.  In liquidating my supply of parts/spares/goodies and
the car I can come up with $6k+ in cash to put towards a TDI.  I
borrowed my
brother's TDI for the same commute for a few weeks and was averaging
49.2mpg.  The $300/month in gas is a killer when combined with the
maintenance headaches that t44's induce.  I can't afford to spend 5
two nights per week working on old broken crap just to get to work the
day.  There's more to life than that, IMO.  The TDI will cost about
$75/month for the same driving, I can't afford not to do that,
with grand schemes of a track car in the future sometime.  I'll save
$200 per month by switching and get a 10 year newer car, that sounds
good to me.

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