Why are 200 20v's worthless

kentmclean at comcast.net kentmclean at comcast.net
Thu Sep 4 08:35:41 PDT 2008

Jeff Redig wrote:
> Seems tough to compare the 98 and older cars to the 99
> and newer, dramatic changes to so much.

The tuners seem to do wonders to the 1.8T A4.  Not that 
they don't have their own problems (like control arms).  In 
comparing my 200s to the A4, I like the A4 a lot. And for 
commuting in stop and go, it's great.  But the seat isn't
as comfortable as the 200's, and like someone said, the
rush of the I-5 turbo is hard to replace.  So, keep one of

Kent McLean
'99 A4 Avant
'91 200 20V Avant
'94 100 Avant, now with SO's son
'91 200 20V Avant, up in flames
'89 200 10V sedan, up in smoke

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