200q20v Digest, Vol 59, Issue 4

George sidman at webloq.com
Thu Sep 4 09:19:31 PDT 2008

I bought my '91 200 Avant new at Xmas in 1990, and have put 309,000 miles on
it. When I bought the allroad a couple of years ago I tried to sell the '91
with no luck. So, last year I decided to restore it and run it. 

Dealers are dumping OEM parts on eBay for about 25% on the dollar so I have
been collecting and installing bits and pieces here and there. I have picked
up all the suspension rubber and will soon take the car to the father/son
team in Walnut Creek to have the undercarriage redone, including NOS OEM
rear shocks that I scored on eBay for less than $100. I just had the turbo
rebuilt and what a difference - like new performance. 

I am still running the original clutch, but have had to take care of all the
usual gremlins in the dash, doors, 80 Amp fuse, strut brace, heater core, AC
controls, cats, Euro lights, sensors, sunroof, you-name-it. 

Without this list and the guys at 034, Blau, Mockery and a few others, all
this would have not been possible - along with the willingness to do most of
the work myself. 

Is it worth it?  The car goes like hell in a most gentile fashion, is way
fun to drive, gets much better mileage than the allroad and still costs less
than keeping a mistress on the side. (Frustration & irritation are, however,
The challenge now is to see just how far it will go on the original clutch,
and beyond - 'cause I am going to drive it into the ground. 

George Sidman

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