Why are 200q20v's worthless?

robert weinberg centaurus3200 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 4 09:38:16 PDT 2008

Hey Bob,

yeah, the koni/H&R combo really transforms the car. although being i was running with shot suspension previously, anything is better ;-)

what i notice is that the new setup still has lots of composure. it's doesn't turn the car into a rickshaw (i.e. too stiff). my SHO probably handled better only because i made it WAY TOO STIFF. thing was ridiculous and not practical.

the 200 certainly stays planted in corners - just stab the gas and let the quattro pull it out. what a joy to fling around!

as far as the negative camber - it's just under 1 degree. which is fine. nick did a combo of bernie and igor's mods. 

see ya,

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It's pretty much like my, and your previous, SHO [although a low miles 89 sold for $11k-to a zero feedback Canadian, smells a bit funny]. I've got a Colnago bicycle that's worth more than either the 200 or the SHO and it weighs less than a wheel.....I think that's funny!!
You got the suspension done...and like it I take it. It is a good combination isn't it? What'd you do about front neg camber? FWIW, I do like the OE wheel, like to find a set of those rare 16x8 BBS's though.


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