Why are 200 20v's worthless

Beer, Jerald S. JBeer at caseyciklin.com
Thu Sep 4 10:00:44 PDT 2008

Well, if you can get 49.5 in the TDI where the 200 is only getting 18, something is wrong. 18 is pretty much low end of city mileage for me.

 I don't think a TDI can get there in the city, although that would be a good highway number with the extra work done.

Now, this one looks worked on and they can be a fun car to drive (including upgrading to Euro ECU specs), but don't forget to factor in higher diesel costs (locally about a 25% premium to regular)and much more frequent oil changes.

Of course, a 10 year newer car has appeal, and if the 200 is always laying down, then some of the tradeoffs are necessary. Driving experience won't be as good, but it will be more reliable.

I guess I am lucky, until I started to put money into mine this year(hey, what do you expect after 200k miles), repair costs have been close to non existent. If I average out, I am sure I have spent less than $500-$600 year for repairs over the last 10 years (does NOT include maintenance or occasional upgrades).
'91 200tqa
'01 E39 M5

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