Why are 200q20v's worthless?

CL Wong montesawong at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 4 10:07:33 PDT 2008

Going by my experience with my long gone A4, the packaging density is a concern.  I'm not too crazy about removing all kinds of stuff to get at what I want to fix.  The other factor is parts cost, aren't the high end S8 parts more than the normal Audi stuff?

As far as building a Cobra goes.... I have no idea what is involved with building one other than there are folks with less DIY experience than me building them at ffcobra.com... it's likely more a case of the devil you *think* you know vs the one you don't.  I think a cobra gets better gas mileage than an S8.... but that's kinda besides the point.

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> You're planning to build up a Cobra, but you're
> concerned about being able to maintain an S8?  What about
> the S8 is intimidating?  


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