Headlight motors, type 44 ... wiring?

Dave C dconner at gmail.com
Sat Sep 6 20:08:48 PDT 2008

Howdy all,

I'm installing eurolights and would like to include the motorized
adjusters.  I have the euro lights, motors, wiring harness and switch so it
all looks pretty straightforward.  The car is an 1987 5ktq, but I don't know
what model year the harness came out of.  The one thing I'm hung up on is
connecting this harness into the stock U.S. wiring.  Of course the Bentley
wiring diagrams don't show this because this was a strictly euro feature
AFAIK.  Maybe headlight motors came to the US on other models (maybe the
V8?) but I don't know.

The harness has a three point plug and I need to connect these 3 wires into
the stock wiring somehow.  It has yellow (Y), brown (BR) and black
(BK) wires.  I think BRN = ground, Y = power ... BK = I don't know.

Could someone tell me the function of the BK wire?  What to connect these
three wires to?

Dave C
89 100E
87 5ktq
87 5ks

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