I am really tired of this...

robert weinberg centaurus3200 at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 7 10:38:57 PDT 2008

yes, i'm talking about my old Taurus SHO again ;-)

from my 10 year experience with that car - i found it better to replace ALL sensors every 60k when i changed the timing belt and water pump. they were cheap and i don't like getting stuck in the middle of nowhere.

my experience:

dead crank position sensor - car runs fine then dies after about 15 minutes. will die even on the freeway at speed.

dead cam position sensor - really hard starts.

dead throttle position sensor (TPS) - burps, farts stumbles unless you gently lay on the gas. won't hit redline.

dead manifold absolute pressure sensor (also barometric pressure sensor) - pretty much same symptoms as the TPS.

from my limited 200q20v experience - dead bypass valve - car runs fun unless you pull in the clutch above 3k rpms - in which case the engine will die.

also, i don't know about the audi - but my SHO rarely threw codes when sensors died - that's why i preemptively replaced them. they were cheap, at least on the SHO.

see ya,

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Could your idle bypass valve be causing this? I assume your mech checked it, did
he clean it and check it's associated wiring?


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Hi all, 

The origin of my no start or RPM bounce problem is still not solved. 

I left the car at my indie all week last week in order for him to experience
the problem (intermittent, as always) and the first couple of days all was ok
with the car, driving with no issue, no dying nor hesitation. 

All of a sudden, it started to act up in front of my mech's shop.
Hesitation, RPM bouncing, unable to go past 4000 RPM. Mech tested all sensors,
cleaned up the contacts, pulled the codes, only had the G28 code, cleared it.
Tried again, same thing, replaced the fuel pump relay to try with one from
another car, no difference. He then tried to start the car after cleaning
everything, no start, pulled the codes again, no codes. Tried to start the car
again, it fired up first try, no hesitation passed 4000 RPM. He test drove it,
no issues at all, pull well and all, like the car never had anything. 

He tested the sensor again and all was ok for the rest of the day. I picked up
the car the next morning, went back home, car was driving like perfect. 

Yesterday (day after I picked it up), left home, 20 min later it started to do
the RPM bounce, no dying at all, just RPM bouncing, unable to go past 50 mph, As
soon as it got close to 2000 RPM, it had misses. Lasted for one hour until I
finally reached home again... It did die a couple of times , but restarted right
away, no 20 min wait like before. 

I am tired of this, the wife wants to get rid of the car if this thing doens
not clear up as we never know when it is going to leave us stranded... 

Any idea? 

91 200 tqa 


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