Turbo lag with IA3+ ecu?

Andy Schor walbum at realalbumart.com
Thu Sep 11 11:46:05 PDT 2008

Hi Robby,

My car has a Lehmann chip, Stebro exhaust (and a ton of miles).  I 
experience a bit of lag, but power starts to noticeably develop by around 2 
grand.  Then it builds quickly until it's time to shift (or turn or brake). 
My stock gauge never seems to get beyond 1.8 bar but the VDO aux boost gauge 
hits 15-16 pounds.  From 4,000 rpm on up we are really *zooming* and I need 
to be looking where I'm going (not at a gauge)!  I have never driven an IA 
chipped car or even a stock 200q20v, so I can't compare/contrast.  I don't 
know at what mileage the chip was changed by a previous owner, but I've put 
about 30K miles on the car since I've had it.  I also hear a lovely 
whirring-whooshing sound that accompanies the boost (and acceleration).  It 
seems that there *is* replacement for displacement!

Andy Schor
'91 Avant 296K miles (the quickest car I own)
'88 Volvo 740 turbo wagon 332K miles (more lag, less boost)
'91 Volvo 740 wagon 5.0 V8 transplant (OK never mind what I said about 
'76 Lancia Scorpion with dual Webers, no turbo (fast enough)

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Subject: Turbo lag with IA3+ ecu?

> hi all,
> just curious is this is normal.
> I've been running Ian's intended acceleration stage 3+ reflashed ecu on my 
> 200q20v for a while. the car is fast as heck, but i do notice some turbo 
> lag.
> i can't tell how much boost i have as the digital boost guage is dead (i 
> have a vdo gauge i need to hook up).
> from my experience - you start feeling the boost after 2,800 rpms or so - 
> but you reall don't get pinned back until 4k rpms - it's pretty dramatic 
> once you hit 4k. the car pulls like a mofo to redline.
> stock wastegate spring and an 034 billet bypass.
> is this normal behavior with the IA3+? when the car was stock - the boost 
> was pretty seemless.
> thanks,
> Robby

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