Turbo lag with IA3+ ecu?

robert weinberg centaurus3200 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 11 13:09:24 PDT 2008

oh, i bet you are right. there's boost before the spike - its just that the spike is so intoxicating ;-)

you can hear the turbo start whirling up around 2k rpm.

i do need to get a working boost gauge. either that or rip the instrument cluster out and break out the soldering iron :-(

the car leaks no oil - i don't see any blue clouds at start-up and no oil residue on the rear bumper. only has 114k.


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With my first Avant, I bought it stock and later added Ned's IA3 chip (back
in 97).  I had an 87 5000 CS TQ before that, which I also put his chip in.

The stock Avant definitely built boost faster/sooner than the 5k... starting
at about 2k.  The peak torque rating on these is at 1950rpm, btw.  But the
IA-chipped 5k would hang right with the stock Avant, if not edge it out by a

When I chipped the Avant, the boost was delivered at the same point as much
as I can remember, but the spike was much stronger.  And the ability to run
up to 7k rpm was wonderful. 

Are you sure you aren't being deceived by the punch that comes on later
thinking that it's not building at all before 2800?  Also, compare between
gears because in a lower gear you'll get going faster and the turbo
have as much time to fully spool.  I think some of the "official"
tests for
boost are done in 3rd gear. 

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> Subject: Turbo lag with IA3+ ecu?
> > hi all,
> >
> > just curious is this is normal.
> >
> > I've been running Ian's intended acceleration stage 3+ 
> reflashed ecu 
> > on my
> > 200q20v for a while. the car is fast as heck, but i do 
> notice some turbo 
> > lag.
> >
> > i can't tell how much boost i have as the digital boost 
> guage is dead 
> > (i
> > have a vdo gauge i need to hook up).
> >
> > from my experience - you start feeling the boost after 
> 2,800 rpms or 
> > so -
> > but you reall don't get pinned back until 4k rpms - it's 
> pretty dramatic 
> > once you hit 4k. the car pulls like a mofo to redline.
> >
> > stock wastegate spring and an 034 billet bypass.
> >
> > is this normal behavior with the IA3+? when the car was stock - the 
> > boost
> > was pretty seemless.
> >
> > thanks,
> > Robby
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