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well luckily not only does my wife LOVE her 1997 audi A4, she hangs out with the wives and girlfriends while the boys dork off with their "Innies"  - another one of my wife's favorite references to "Outies". LOL!

see ya,

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I think there's a support group for significant others.  I have many good
friends that I may never have met if it weren't for these lists.  Dinner
invitations have to be treated with some suspicion depending on what
wrenching projects are on the agenda at the particular household.  But a
good time is had by all, dirt under the fingernails or not.  It really
crosses all demographics in most cases, but I have noticed a little bit of a
commonality amongst IT/tech vocations.  I have wondered over the last few
years what the heck else I would have done with my free time if I hadn't
found the Audifans lists (Quattro List!).  


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> i'll wait until shayne gets back in town and we can "play 
> audi" as my wife says ;-)
> see ya,
> Robby

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