name that squeak! and other things...

robert weinberg centaurus3200 at
Fri Sep 12 19:26:23 PDT 2008

drive my audi to work for a change. damn, the thing is fast :-)

the car's made this squeak from time to time (of course not when i bought it). only at idle - and pretty much only when the auxiliary fan kicks in.

sounds pretty  much like a squeaking throw out bearing - but it's not. i depress the clutch. no change. i give it a tiny bit of gas - goes away (which maybe makes the auxiliary fan thing a coincidence?).

i'm sure someone has had this sound before. 

as of now - slam the gas and it goes - smoothly - no hiccups BUT goes pretty good (you can hear the turbo spool) - hit's 3800 rpm than BLAMMM! - wicked boost. first gear, mind you. hit it in third and it's more linear.

other than that, the car runs like a dream. i'm gonna work with some
more knowledgeable audi friends to maybe put a thicker wastegate spring
in and adjust the 034 billet bypass. check the boost hoses - i can get some samcos , if necessary.

i'd like a little mor elinear throttle response in first gear. i'll have to rig in a boost gauge - the digital one is dead. got a vdo in my glove compartment - gotta hook it up.

oil pressure seems fine - idles a 2 psi (when warm - higher when cold obviously), pegs 5psi with any tap of the gas. no blue smoke or funky oil residue on the bumper - figure the rings are tight, eh?

other than that - i'm overjoyed with the car. played with a VR6 GTI on the way home - snooze - boring ;-)

see ya,


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