name that squeak! and other things...

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very true gary.

i have been using ian's intended acceleration stage 3+ ecu - older one - burned by ned ritchie. the consensus seems to be that ecu is pretty safe on a stock engine provided everything is working correctly.

i'm still weary - so i really don't "get on it' too often. if i'm in the canyons, fine. but i'm pretty ginger with the car for "around town" conditions.

and it's not my daily driver anyway. i have a super sexy 1998 nissan sentra for that ;-)

see ya,

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If I recall correctly you're running a chip on the stock K24 turbo.
If you go higher in boost than the stock K24 and spring can do, you will
likely get into the region where the stock heakgasket can be compromised and
One reason when running bigger turbo and higher level chip that guys put in
the all steel headgasket.  Patrick A can tell you all about it... Heh, heh
he's a  btdt...

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drive my audi to work for a change. damn, the thing is fast :-)

the car's made this squeak from time to time (of course not when i bought
it). only at idle - and pretty much only when the auxiliary fan kicks in.

sounds pretty  much like a squeaking throw out bearing - but it's not. i
depress the clutch. no change. i give it a tiny bit of gas - goes away
(which maybe makes the auxiliary fan thing a coincidence?).

i'm sure someone has had this sound before. 

as of now - slam the gas and it goes - smoothly - no hiccups BUT goes pretty
good (you can hear the turbo spool) - hit's 3800 rpm than BLAMMM! - wicked
boost. first gear, mind you. hit it in third and it's more linear.

other than that, the car runs like a dream. i'm gonna work with some
more knowledgeable audi friends to maybe put a thicker wastegate spring
in and adjust the 034 billet bypass. check the boost hoses - i can get some
samcos , if necessary.

i'd like a little mor elinear throttle response in first gear. i'll
have to
rig in a boost gauge - the digital one is dead. got a vdo in my glove
compartment - gotta hook it up.

oil pressure seems fine - idles a 2 psi (when warm - higher when cold
obviously), pegs 5psi with any tap of the gas. no blue smoke or funky oil
residue on the bumper - figure the rings are tight, eh?

other than that - i'm overjoyed with the car. played with a VR6 GTI on the
way home - snooze - boring ;-)

see ya,

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