and the fun begins - boost loss

Rbade12 rbade12 at
Mon Sep 15 14:26:00 PDT 2008

I like having the all IC working and repairing it wasn't tough once I figured out how to get the f'n thing out. As far as the boost gauge, I seem to remember reading something about aftermarket chips not allowing the stock boost gauge to read properly..even if it did work...and maybe that's why it doesn't work. So yeah, go for that guage, I'd like it a bit stealthier, but that's not too bad. Putting it lower would make it tough to see. Does someone make a A-pillar pod?

In a message dated 09/15/08 13:21:15 Central Daylight Time, centaurus3200 at writes:
also, being my trip computer is dead, hence the boost gauge doesn't work - I've decided the best plan is to buy an autometer 3303 30psi boost gauge (about $52 shipped). reason being it's my understanding that even if removed the instrument cluster and resodlered the likely broken contacts - the stock digital boost gauge sucks and only goes to 2 anyway. is this a good choice for a small inconspicuous boost gauge?

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