Sudden Power Loss

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These RPM sensors do fail with age/repeated heat cycling.  In the V8s, they last four-five years because the exhaust plumbing is close.  In I5s, they seem to last 16-17-18 years, depending upon location and car use, but we're reading more and more often of ones that have failed on 5ktqs and now, occasionally, 200s.   They get so they tolerate less and less heat before they act up.
The RPM sensor is read constantly by the ECU and will shut down/prevent start  of the engine if failed.  The Ignition reference sensor is the one that makes hot restarts difficult.  You need a signal from that sensor to let the ECU start the engine, but its job is done then and the ECU could care less as far as keeping a running engine going.
Both sensors are mounted together on the driver side where the engine/bell housing mate at maybe 9:30-10 location looking at the rear of the engine.  Their connectors hook to the car wiring on the firewall behind the engine.
But your symptoms don't sound like either sensor to me.  Sound more like a hose leak.  Try the inexpensive air line tester here

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Friday I took the car to work and back, took it out that night as well then
parked it all weekend.  All was well.
This morning the car seems to miss when accelerating.
At speeds over 65 in 5th it doesn't cut out until the car develops about 5+
psi of boost.
At lower speeds in 5th, 50 and under, it is losing power even under light
In neutral I can rev all the way up, only under load does it exhibit this
behavior (I feel like I'm not describing it well enough, but hopefully I can
get this across)
The car also idles without a problem.
I blinked codes and the only one I have is a 2111 code which is related to RPM

2111 (Blink Fault Code), VAG1551/2 Fault Code Number 00513 RPM  sensor Open or
short circuit, Defective sensor & cables, metal fragments  on flywheel teeth

SJM states to make sure that the car is running (which I did) when checking
codes so I don't get a false 2111 and I don't think that mine is false.

Can anyone offer 1st hand experience as to what happens when this sensor starts
to fail?  Can I get some tips on where this sensor is and what is involved with



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