tire related question

Jean-François Roldan roldan_jf at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 16 16:27:15 PDT 2008

Just when I decided to get the chip changed and the ECU looked at, the problem kind of stopped. I am running with full boost again with no power cutoff around 4000 RPM and no engine dying on me all the time...

It will come back, but for now I will try to save some $$$...

I am writing for another thing that happened to me today. I ran into a big pothole today by accident and it luckily didn't make a ding in my recently acquired S6 rim but made a bubble in the sidewall where it struck the edge of the pothole.

Can I wait a few days or I should change that tire right away? other tires are 75% tread left, if i put a new one in, will it screw things up?




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