best aftermarket boost gauge

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Oops - I should learn to read - I stand corrected :-)


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One person is talking about an "overboost" extra boost, more power for a
limited time during an acceleration run (urS has this - ECU controls the
usual way via WGFV). Another person is talking about an "overboost" cutoff
where the ECU thinks it has lost control authority and takes measures to
prevent things from blowing up.

> Beg to differ - the stock 3B ECU does have an overboost function.
> When you hit it, it grounds the fuel pump, causing major engine
> cutout/surging and you will not get above 1.3 bar until the
> ignition is cycled, resetting the ECU.
> Want to test it? Just take a clamp and clamp off the hose to the
> wastegate. BTDT.
> mike
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> Robby-
> There is no overboost function in a 3B ECU, you need an AAN, ADU
> or similar
> ECU for that function.
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