feel the love? charging problem (pl510er at comcast.net)

Shin Hoshikawa pl510er at comcast.net
Wed Sep 17 21:07:47 PDT 2008


You should have more that 10.43V (more like 13.5V?) at the
charge/blue/exciter wire (if that's what I am thinking) while the engine is
running.  Just for the sake of checking the alternator, I'd feed a positive
12V wire to it to see if the alternator begins to charge or not.  If not,
I'd say the alternator is bad.


At 08:25 PM 9/16/2008 -0600, Ed Kellock wrote:
>Ok, in the 1st test, voltage in the charge/blue/exciter wire, I got 10.43
>12.22 at the battery.  When I grounded it, the battery warning lamp in the
>IC did not come up, but the ANTILOCK OFF one did.  That lamp comes on when
>turn on  the ignition, but goes out almost immediately.

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