feel the love? charging problem

Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
Wed Sep 17 22:28:14 PDT 2008

I put in some more time on this tonight.  I started the engine and checked
voltage at the battery and at the jump start post.  Both were virtually the
same at just under 12.  I decided to pull the voltage regulator to check the
brushes and they were short but intact so I sprayed some brake cleaner on it
and then in the alternator, just a light blast.  There's another wire on the
back of the alternator that comes out of one place and has a tab connector
on it to go to another spot.  I unplugged/plugged that.  Then I reattached
all the connectors and turned the key to ON.  Low and behold there's the
battery warning light.  So I started it up and vi-ola, it's charging.  

So either the VR was dirty or that other wire on the back of the alternator
had something to do with it.  I figure the VR is old and this is probably
not the last I've seen of this.  It bugs me that the results of most of my
troubleshooting were not clear cut.  

Thanks for all the input. 


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> Ed:
> You should have more that 10.43V (more like 13.5V?) at the 
> charge/blue/exciter wire (if that's what I am thinking) while 
> the engine is running.  Just for the sake of checking the 
> alternator, I'd feed a positive 12V wire to it to see if the 
> alternator begins to charge or not.  If not, I'd say the 
> alternator is bad.
> pl510er
> At 08:25 PM 9/16/2008 -0600, Ed Kellock wrote:
> >Ok, in the 1st test, voltage in the charge/blue/exciter wire, I got 
> >10.43
> vs
> >12.22 at the battery.  When I grounded it, the battery 
> warning lamp in 
> >the IC did not come up, but the ANTILOCK OFF one did.  That 
> lamp comes 
> >on when
> I
> >turn on  the ignition, but goes out almost immediately.
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