massive coolant leak

PyRo pyro_10314 at
Sun Sep 21 14:46:43 PDT 2008

Whats up all. seems like my car might be getting closer to collect that social security check. I walked out of my house today to a huge puddle on the floor. after checking my hydraulic fluid cause that leaks too, i opened up the coolant resoivoir and it was like i opened up the flood gate. i think i narrowed the leak down to the turbo coolant host. Does this come out from the coolant manifold, because that is where i felt the fluid. Is this a pita to replace? Im assuming that you have to remove the intake manifold to reach it. Now the main question, when do you throw in the towel? With my rack needing to be changed, along with a new muffler and now this, even though i still want to fix it, im feeling that it might be that time. The car has about 214,000 miles.


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