more boost gauge Q's

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Thanks Chad,

wondering if a digital gauge by autometer would be less deep. i'll have to get dimensions.

basically, i don't want the car to look like a lowered acura integra with a big ass gauge hanging from the a-pillar. the 200q20v is a classy ride and i want to keep it that way.

i see where you and others mount the gauge in the center a/c vent - but i would like it to be within eyesight.

i'll ask scott mockry if he knows if the 30 psi autometer has the same dimensions as the 20 psi gauge he has pictured on his sight.

i  suppose i can also as any autometer resellers.


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Don't have any other angles but this gauge was also quite thick. Every mechanical boost gauge I've seen has been pretty deep. I'd take you another pic but I don't have the car here.
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Hey Chad,

do you have any other views of the gauge? i have an older 15 psi that came uninstalled with the car and it's fricken huge with regards to the depth. like 2" deep, not including the fittings.

maybe the new ones aren't as deep?

i want to mount it low on the a-pillar like below:

the vdo would be ideal because, as you pointed out - it looks like a stock gauge.


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