massive coolant leak - turn audi love

robert weinberg centaurus3200 at
Tue Sep 23 09:36:18 PDT 2008

well if you think a stock 200q20v is fast (and it is), my car went from jekyl to hyde with the IA3+, Koni/H&R. it's a fricken beast!

ian was behind me with his lowered and chipped 2003 A4 and he said my 200q20v was certainly ripping it up out there. no excessive body roll - just grips and flies around corners.

listen, i know that the $2,800 purchase price was just the price of admission - especially considering you never really own an old audi - you sponsor it. LOL!

honestly, with paint and the rest of the other broken crap (a/c and i think the crank seal just started leaking) i'll be in the thing probably $8,000 by the time it's "done". but with 114k on the clock, it's "young enough" to warrant the effort.

tell me of another $8,000 car that can do what a clean, modded and properly running 200q20v can do. other than a URS4 of course ;-)

see ya,

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My stock 200q20vs both are quicker than my 2002 S8, but I think the S8 may be more stable in the twisties.  Haven't really had a chance to push it yet, just judging from in-town cornering.

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agreed. it's not a matter of what the car is worth (they are undervalued
IMHO). it's the simple fact that a good running, clean 200q20v with
appropriate mods (chip, suspension) will not only waste a good portion of the
new $50k+ sports sedan - it still has the fit and finish and amenities to
compete with most new $50k+ sport sedans as well.

and it's cool to get "the wave" from guys in new Audi S8s ;-)

i say fix it and get something like a used nissan sentra for the daily grind.
keep the audi for the fun stuff and road trips.


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