Rotary shaft seal leaks, was Re: massive coolant leak

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Tue Sep 23 10:39:30 PDT 2008

Works only on garter spring loaded elastomeric lip seals, not on  
static gasketing.

On Sep 23, 2008, at 10:19 AM, robert weinberg wrote:

> would the "snake oil" (something like CD2, i assume) help a crank  
> seal or an oil pan seal?
> Robby
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> Subject: Rotary shaft seal leaks, was Re: massive coolant leak
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> Guys, don’t put up with such leaks!  Inasmuch as they are a simple
> and inexpensive fix.
> Engine “:snake oil“, (engine oil seal restorer) is the tested fix.
> One bottle in the engine oil, ½ bottle in the tranny, the other ½ in
> the rear diff. Drive for 1K miles, leaks gone! Wash down the engine
> bay and under side such that you can monitor the situation. I have
> never had to change a rotary shaft seal in 40 years of DIY, and my
> cars are all dry of any fluid leaks.
> Bernie
> On Sep 23, 2008, at 9:36 AM, robert weinberg wrote:
>> honestly, with paint and the rest of the other broken crap (a/c and
>> i think the crank seal just started leaking) i'll be in the thing
>> probably $8,000 by the time it's "done". but with 114k on
> the
>> clock, it's "young enough" to warrant the effort.
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