massive coolant leak - audi love

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Tue Sep 23 12:35:16 PDT 2008

true dat.

plus lower the 200 and throw the same rims on it - it will do everything the S4 can. and maybe a touch more being it's like 200lbs lighter.

i dig the S4 too (obviously) - i just like the body of the 200 better. coupled with the koni/H&R, i have 2002 17" A4 rims with a fresh set of kuhmo ESCTA SPT 235/45/ZR17. whoo hooo! ;-)

see ya,

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My C4 S4 is lowered and has stock 16x8 wheels and tires - wider than the 200.  It corners
flatter, and it can pull more G.  The 200's not as stable, but in daily situations it gives me a lot more feedback than the S4, and I'm actually more confident taking a hard corner with it.

Go into a hard turn with the 200, the body rolls and and the chassis digs in when you get back on the gas.  The
tires are skinnier and may slip a little, but I kind of like that - I feel
the edge coming and it's predictable.

I don't get that in the S4.  Maybe if I drove into that turn 20 mph faster I'd get more I'm not doing that.  Lowering the S4 cost money and hasn't paid off in every day driving - but it does look badass.

Bang for the buck, I don't know what beats a good 200 with Euros and a chip - it's just a great car.

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My stock 200q20vs both are quicker than my 2002 S8, but I think the S8 may be more stable in the twisties.  Haven't really had a chance to push it yet, just judging from in-town cornering.

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Date: Tuesday, September 23, 2008, 11:07 AM

agreed. it's not a matter of what the car is worth (they are undervalued

IMHO). it's the simple fact that a good running, clean 200q20v with

appropriate mods (chip, suspension) will not only waste a good portion of the

new $50k+ sports sedan - it still has the fit and finish and amenities to

compete with most new $50k+ sport sedans as well.

and it's cool to get "the wave" from guys in new Audi S8s ;-)

i say fix it and get something like a used nissan sentra for the daily grind.

keep the audi for the fun stuff and road trips.


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