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I briefly had 95.5 s6 sedan, I thought the chassis was stiffer (I guess they are supposed to be), I got rid of it b/c my 200s are quicker, my 200s are avants, and it had that stupid hydraulic pump traction control thing, so when you were wailing on it started screaming at you and messing with your about feedback, negative type....but that s6 car had an adjustable steering wheel which allowed for more options it also had sportier seats....hey anyone got a black driverside sport seat for sale?

I would consider investing in that platform but its getting into the same territory in terms of age and things to deal with as the 200s anyway.

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true dat.

plus lower the 200 and throw the same rims on it - it will do everything the S4 can. and maybe a touch more being it's like 200lbs lighter.

i dig the S4 too (obviously) - i just like the body of the 200 better. coupled with the koni/H&R, i have 2002 17" A4 rims with a fresh set of kuhmo ESCTA SPT 235/45/ZR17. whoo hooo! ;-)

see ya,

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My C4 S4 is lowered and has stock 16x8 wheels and tires - wider than the 200.  It corners
flatter, and it can pull more G.  The 200's not as stable, but in daily situations it gives me a lot more feedback than the S4, and I'm actually more confident taking a hard corner with it.

Go into a hard turn with the 200, the body rolls and and the chassis digs in when you get back on the gas.  The
tires are skinnier and may slip a little, but I kind of like that - I feel
the edge coming and it's predictable.

I don't get that in the S4.  Maybe if I drove into that turn 20 mph faster I'd get more I'm not doing that.  Lowering the S4 cost money and hasn't paid off in every day driving - but it does look badass.

Bang for the buck, I don't know what beats a good 200 with Euros and a chip - it's just a great car.

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My stock 200q20vs both are quicker than my 2002 S8, but I think the S8 may be more stable in the twisties.  Haven't really had a chance to push it yet, just judging from in-town cornering.

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agreed. it's not a matter of what the car is worth (they are undervalued

IMHO). it's the simple fact that a good running, clean 200q20v with

appropriate mods (chip, suspension) will not only waste a good portion of the

new $50k+ sports sedan - it still has the fit and finish and amenities to

compete with most new $50k+ sport sedans as well.

and it's cool to get "the wave" from guys in new Audi S8s ;-)

i say fix it and get something like a used nissan sentra for the daily grind.

keep the audi for the fun stuff and road trips.


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