Shift linkage starting to get notchy.

George sidman at
Fri Apr 10 14:24:12 PDT 2009

Bernie:      I went through the shift notchiness a few years ago on my '91
200 Avant. The chronic high mileage problem is where the linkage engages
with the transmission. There is a pivot lever on the tranny that wears and
bends, causing the internal transmission linkage to be off kilter. Trying to
adjust the linkage is useless, because the problem is still there.
Naturally, the repair job is a PITA and we did it while the center drive
line was out for CV repairs.  Also, check the nylon rubbing pad on the left
inside of the shift housing. It can get dragged loose while you work harder
to get through shifts, and start impeding the shift action. Good luck.......

George Sidman

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