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Thu Apr 16 22:40:20 PDT 2009

Your TPS likely needs adjusting. Check here for details on how to adjust it properly.
Also erase your fault codes before test driving after you have adjusted the TPS

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OK, spring's here, time to get stuff out.

I purchased a 91 200t 20v for an engine swap into my UrQ.

It runs fine, but in limp mode (1.3 bar boost).

So today I pulled codes and only got   2121 (Blink Fault Code), 00516 
VAG1551/2 Fault Code Number
Idle switch problem
Switch open circuit, stuck closed Switch defective (Internal solder 
connections intermittent) or wiring problem.

Is this a common problem, is there a repair?

I am thinking of putting the 20vt in the UrQ and bringing along the inj. 
I know probably should just go with the 034 and be able to bump the boost 
easily, but if I can get this running right, I think I could be happy with a 
stock boost 20v for quite a while.

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