Oil in the coolant

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Fri Apr 17 01:21:49 PDT 2009

Thanks for the feedback. I'm afraid the head is coming off then. The last
time the head was off was 60K ago w/ a full bottom/top end rebuild. Decked
the head, Raceware head studs, new coolant etc. And since the turbo is
working fine I guess the head gasket remains the likely culprit.

On Thu, Apr 16, 2009 at 4:41 PM, Austin Calise <yoda_audi at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Patrick, the only other way coolant could mix with oil is if the turbo
> center housing water jacket cracked. Did you flush the cooling system good
> after you last rebuild?
> It's probably a bad HG/warped head. Was the head resurfaced and the block
> cleaned well before assembly? Might consider getting some ARP head studs so
> you don't have to buy new head bolts again.
>         HTH's Austin
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> Subject: Oil in the coolant
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> OK guys, what ways, other than a bad head gasket, can oil get into the
> coolant system? I have the UrS metal head gasket on the car (installed at
> last timing belt job) which is fairly bullet proof from what I hear from
> the
> UrS guys. But I've got oil floating in my coolant reservoir and am trying
> to
> think of all the other ways that oil can get into the system. Could a bad
> seal/bearing in the turbo allow it's cooling water to get into the oil?
> Thanks for any ideas of what else to consider before I pull the head.
> Patrick
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