Got the pilot bearing out

rbade12 at rbade12 at
Sat Apr 18 14:59:05 PDT 2009

Thank you to all that offered assistance, I really do appreciate it!!

Well, the grease method didn't work. No surprise really, to get a tight, hydraulically tight, seal is impossible with a dowel and duct tape [I used electrical tape]. I had as tight a seal as possible, but the thing wouldn't move. I gave it some good smacks and eventually ejected grease into my face. Tried many times, no luck. So, I went to Harbor Freight and got their pilot bearing tool. $14, how can something be made in China, shipped here and sold for $14? HF must make money off it, so how much does it cost to make, next to nothing obviously. I don't like buying HF tools because it seems, well, un-American, I'd rather support the good 'ol US of A, but I'm not going to pay $100 for a comparable tool that I'll use once or twice in my life, so.......sorry, off the topic a bit. The HF tool needed a bit of time on the grinding wheel to work properly and I thought I might break it, but, I got the sucker out. 

For sale, pilot bearing removal tool, used once.


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