Transmission questions

Ben Swann benswann at
Wed Apr 22 12:02:57 PDT 2009


Assuming I install the trans on a 200Q with engine that will deal with torque, will it
work OK - bolt up using 200 flywheel and clutch and work OK with final drive to rear
diff?  I don't think gear ratio would be a problem unless the first gear were especially
high.  I was looking to mate the trans with a more powerful I5 engine - although it
would not be as torquey as the V8 to be sure.


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> I have a 200Q20V with broken input shaft - amazing and never saw this happen before.

Yikes.  That is...unusual.

> Is V8 quattro transmission a bolt-in with same ratios?

The 5-speed?  No, the gearing is different for the torque-y V8.
You're far more likely to find a 200q20v transmission, regardless.


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