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I had the same issue about 18 months ago, lost the reverse gear on a 
transmission I thought was bulletproof by having my foot slip off the clutch 
as I was engaging reverse.  I purchased a used transmission for $250, and 
swapped them. I was told the one I purchased had 190k on it, still had much 
life, I believe I have added another 25k since the swap...so it was 
worthwhile (price plus time) , hope its the same for you.

As always,  YMMV  (couldn't resist that one...sorry)


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I recently had some issues with my tranny (popping the clutch in reverse 
while rolling backwards down a hill to get the car started) and had to pull 
it out and take it apart with some help from Mr. Bently. My problems were 2 
broken reverse gears and possible damage to the main shaft. After checking 
with the dealer where most parts were unobtanium I took all to a machine 
shop where the price to fab far exceeded that of a used trans. so I bought 
The tranny or what I call the gearbox itself unbolts from the front diff 
with no issues. Pulling the Torsen off and disassembling the gearbox was 
even more fun since it was locked in neutral. The biggest problem was 
getting the car up high enough so the trans woul roll out while still 
mounted to the tranny jack.
I did not have the pleasure of re-assembling the trans. but look forward to 
it if I ever run into a junk trans with the right parts.

Good Luck,

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Driving a project 200tq20va up a nearby steep hill, it died.  Tried to
engage clutch in reverse as car was rolling in reverse, but was apparently
moving too fast for the reverse gear to handle when the clutch was swiftly
engaged.  Ugly noises ensued.  Can shift to reverse, but there is nothing
there.  Wicked boneheaded move.  All forward gears are OK.
Tranny drop can be done.  But what happens once it's out?  Is the gear
easily accessible through a cover?  Must the entire unit be disassembled?
Sean in NH
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