leather repair?

Kent McLean kentmclean at comcast.net
Fri Apr 24 14:15:45 PDT 2009

Ben Swann wrote:
> Liquid Stitch - available from JC Whitney.
> More.. You can repair a seam split by just letting it glue them together, but will not
> give ultimate strength.  Better is to use a piece of leather cut to cover the split or
> hole.  I repaired a seat bolster with a chunk missing - used some spray foam like
> Greatstuff and layed piece of leather over with liquid stitch around to hold it down.
> Had to cut off excess great stuff, but repair was pretty good and will last as long as
> the rest of the seat.

My '90 V8, with urS4 seats, has about a 1-inch hole in the seat bottom
bolster. The leather seems to be missing, and the foam is missing about
1/2-inch deep.  I was thinking I could pull the seat, undo the stitching
holding that leather piece in place, and sew a new piece in its place.

But then I think about finding a replacement piece of leather, and the
work entailed, and think it would be easier just to get another seat in
good condition.

But I'll probably just live with it until all the other safety issues
are addressed. ;)

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