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Not too sure, it was 2 years ago. Its been working since though. I can
try to check it.

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Did you properly index the gear for the alarm on the door lock cylinder?
I had the same behavior that you described on my CQ when I replaced 
the pot metal link..
turned out that I installed it 1 tooth off...

I didn't always engage the alarm, but enough times for me to take it

At 04:19 PM 4/26/2009 -0400, John Lagnese wrote:
>Exactly, I didn't lock the car. In Maine and NH locking is not too
>of an event. When the alarm is going off the key locking and unlocking
>driver door shuts it off.
>The driver door lock has been changed several years ago by me as well.
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> > > My 91 200 TQ 20V started having problems today. It went off a
number of
> > > times when I opened the car door without my having set it. If I
> > locked and
> > > then unlocked the door the alarm went off.
> > > Any BTDT on this? If I pull the fuse will this work?
> >
> > There is a plastic ring inside the door handle which presses against
> > microswitches to detect the key locking/unlocking.  It is known for
> > breaking or becoming mis-indexed.
> >
> > Brett
>On my car the "disarm" wire from the driver's door alarm microswitch on
>lock cylinder broke, in the hinge area of the door of course. The alarm
>brain never got the signal from the switch to disarm when I turned the
>in the lock, so the alarm went off. I used the passenger door to unlock
>car for a while until I got around to fixing all the wires in the
>door hinge.
>When you say you didn't "set" the alarm John, do you mean you didn't
>the car? The alarm "sets" every time you lock up, or it should.
>"if your type 44 driver's door hinge area wires haven't been repaired,
>are probably broken - maybe even passenger door and trunk if you're
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