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 I've got the Stromung system on my 200q20v. The performance improvement is minimal, perhaps spools up a bit quicker. The sound with the cat on is nice, not too loud...the sound with the cat eliminated is nicer, more to my liking, a nice burble at idle and lift off, great noises at redline. [I purchased a straight pipe recently, hence the no cat capability]. I did have some fitment issues, it was too short. I wanted to see the sweet exhaust tips and get it out further. I was able to accomplish this with a couple flanges added to make it a bit longer. The Stromung is also made for the 92-96 S, they have a completely different hanging system where the downpipe meets the cat pipe and other hangers were a bit off too. Also expect a bit of a dealy when ordered, they're primarily Mazda oriented and do Audi rarely.

I don't mean to discourage the Stromung, I'm really happy with it! Jeff P is great to deal with! The system is beautiful, made well, sounds great and looks really good. 

Bob, I've been turning the radio off to just listen.



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Anyone running either system on their car?

How do you like it? How is the increase in performance? Is it too loud? not 

thanks for your help

91 200 tqa 

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