Daniel Wing wagons at
Wed Apr 29 17:14:52 PDT 2009

I have the Stebro-- now for 70,000 miles or the 195,000 miles on the  
car. I found no increase in performance and I don't love the increase  
in sound-- it is nice around town but a bit of a drone at highway  
speed. I don't know anything about the other brand you mention. If the  
stock system had been available for the same price, I would have  
gotten it. I guess if I had it to do over, I would try to convince a  
local shop to bend a complete new and quiet system. I could not find  
anyone to do that when I needed one. I have never understood why  
people want to hop these cars up, anyway-- mine has always gone like a  
raped ape whenever I wanted it to, and I get good gas mileage. 

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