Stebro vs Stromung

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While we are on the exhaust subject I thought I'd ask if anyone has a center resonator that will fit with a Stebro system (hopefully one they can part with).
I'm pretty sure that I've got a Stebro on my car, was there when I purchased it.  It has the same twin tips and squarish muffler, but is lacking anything other than pipe between the cats and the muffler.  On the highway I don't notice any drone, but around town it is a bit louder than I'd (read 'my wife') like.  Any suggestions?  I'm not sure what the factory system looks like or where a resonator or 2nd muffler would go, any advice appreciated.

I agree with the below reviews of the system overall, sounds good, fits well, no real droning.  Just a bit loud for me, especially the house window bit...
I have set off car alarms in the Portsmouth parking garage by just driving by slowly, if that gives any indication.


 yes I am.  I have a Stebro on both my sedan and wagon. 
Stebro's site says "just a little louder,only 3 db, well, anybody with
audio knowledge knows 3db is double!  It's just a little loudera little
rumbly, very nice sounding unless you back up against your house and
you can hear thewindows rattle... Chris Locke91 2C20VTQW91 2C20VTQ

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I've got the Stebro cat back system on my 2C20v and am very satisfied with it.  The sound is not objectionable, no drone at any speed.  It sounds louder than OEM at idle but it is distinctive and friends say it sounds powerful.  There is a little more 5 cylinder sound as you run it through the gears but it is not loud and I enjoy it.  The fitment was straight forward but it could have more accurate bends in it.  A portion of the pipe near the rear axle extends down more than I would have liked.  The tips extend further than they need to.  Delivered price was very good also.

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Anyone running either system on their car?

How do you like it? How is the increase in performance? Is it too loud? not enough?

thanks for your help

91 200 tqa 

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