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Wed Apr 15 09:17:53 PDT 2009

rubber rings
that separate the cam cover from the head.  I had been running 3 bar =
last fall and
up to 25 PSI prior, so perhaps there is additional pressure getting in =
cam cover.

The engine had developed a miss that at first was barely noticable and
progressed to
generally poor driveability overall. The cleanup of oil and plug swap =
engine running
great again. =20

I am wondering if this is typical  - engine has about 140k miles on =
valve cover


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Oil getting in where?


On Nov 23, 2009, at 4:16 PM, Ben Swann wrote:

> FYI - thought I had scored the "deal", but as kind of expected, the=20
> wires I received were for a 10V.  Still a good buy, but I did not need =

> another new set of these. Might have one set to sell.  I'll probably=20
> just return since wires do not appear to be bad.
> The rotors also were incorrect - I think we expected that.
> Plugs are right on - not the original Bosch, but these look every bit=20
> as good and I had NKG similar ones before.  I found a lot of oil=20
> around several plug wires, and electrodes coated with oil, cleaning up =

> the old plugs  did the trick to get rid of hesitation problem I had,=20
> but installed the new ones.
> Should be correct cap, but was sent in separate shipment, so don't=20
> know yet.
> Also, I failed to mention the order was from
> Now I need to figure out why so much oil is getting in there - I=20
> suspect coming through the valve cover gasket.
> Ben

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