Car died suddenly, Now won't start

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So why wouldn't you expect it to be the sensor?  These things are getting
old enough to fail now.  On Audi's original V8 of the same vintage, they
died routinely every five or so years because of heat from the exhaust. 
Your car doesn't have the exhaust piping going right by the sensors, but
the engine compartment gets hot enough to warp the brake master cylinder,
so I'd expect the sensors to suffer too.

There are two sensors, the ignition reference and the engine speed.  Your
code is for the former, which reads a pin on the engine side of the
flywheel, but they're both necessary for the ECU to permit a spark. 
However, the engine usually won't quit like yours did from that sensor, but
rather from the engine speed sensor, which counts the teeth of the
flywheel.  So I'd expect to replace both.  Fortunately, there's been a guy
on Fleabay selling them recently for $40 each, about a third of original
dealer cost.

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Subject: Car died suddenly, Now won't start

Hey everyone. I was driving my 200TQ by my house and the engine just died
like if I turned the ignition off. I tried restarting it but it will just
crank and not kick over. Right before it died it did a really weird thing. I
pushed the clutch in and it seemed like it just sank down and wouldn't come
back up easily. It only did that once and the clutch feels normal now and
will spring back up like it should.

I towed it back to my house and checked for any obvious issues. It is
getting fuel as I took off the fuel line by the fuel rail and it will shoot
out fuel when I crank the engine. The distributor still turns so I don't
think the gear broke.

I did the engine blink codes and I got code 2112 which is the Crankshaft
Position Sensor. I was wondering if you all think that this could be the
problem, or if there is a bigger issue. Intended Acceleration site said that
this code could also mean that the Flywheel pin is damaged or missing, How
do I check for this and does this sound like it could be the cause of the

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have been trying to get this car
up and running for over 2 months :(


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