Is it the TPS?

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Only happens at WOT, though.  No misses when accelerating gradually all the
way to redline.

I drove the car on the highway for a couple hours and let it sit, then
drove like that again and let it sit, so the wet should have dried out
during the sitting, I'd think.  Still happened after that.

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This is most likely the result of water somewhere in the ignition.  I
suggest pulling and drying ignition related connections.


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I've been mashing the accelerator pedal of my 200q20v Avant and enjoying the
results ever since getting it rolling again a couple years ago.
Yesterday, after a night of very heavy rains, I experienced a really heavy,
jerking, scary hesitation when I had the foot to the floor.
I can run the engine up to near red line by slowly advancing the accelerator
pedal as long as I don't go to WOT.  Sounds, runs normally. 
But hit the floorboard and I get this horrendously heavy jerking like the
engine cuts out completely.  It's worse than the A/C clutch spike I got on
my 200q20v sedan before the Audi mod was performed.
Would this result from a bad throttle position switch? 

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