AC full charge criteria

Ben Swann benswann at
Sun Aug 9 12:47:18 PDT 2009

I may need to recheck the numbers, but it can range a little higher on the cold side
than R-12  and get in the higher range on high side.  I had to get mine fairly full on
my Eurovan - that had R134a adaptors.  On others (200Q and coupe Q)  I did with R12
fittings and (mix), the pressures were lower.

You should be looking at around 50-60 cold/suction side and in the 200 range high side.


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What is the full charge criteria for Envirosafe Alternate A/C Recharge Kit? I have a
low side gauge only (from Auto Zone)  which shows pressure within "recommended" zone on
idle. However during the very hot days there is not enough AC unless going on the
freeway with engine speed 2000-3000 rpm.


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