The feds are still determined to get my car, they added in moremoney, my wife is still determined to see it gone.

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Tue Aug 11 09:35:52 PDT 2009

It seems to me that the only way out of this conundrum would be to be able
to take off all the good parts of the car that would be recycled, or enough
of them to assuage any guilt, and be able to "turn in" the car with little
or no inherent value to yourself or anyone else who could benefit from it in
parts.  This would require another or a couple more "donees" that could
appear and have the work completed in time before the program runs out.  Not
impossible, but not necessarily easily feasible (is that redundant?).

I must admit, though I need no add'l cars, I have daydreamed about the
program too, for something that I might not ever consider buying, especially
as a new car purchase.  I absolutely cannot reconcile myself with the fate
that awaits these turned-in cars... it's positively criminal to me...

The program is clearly a pig in a poke... they say it's for one thing, but
it's clear it's really for another reason.  If it weren't than it would not
only be for New car purchases.

Anyway, it's a tough decision for any car enthusiast.  The latest Toyota
commercials here show a true beat-up, ratty, falling apart clunker being
picked up by the big jaws of death and pooping out a brand new Toyota as
it's lifted.  If only that were truly the case...


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Alan I am in a similar position.
I would like another car ( not a new one though) and my  wife would like to
see my Avant gone. I just have a problem turning it in to be
murdered/destroyed with the parts not being used to sustain another person's
treasure. Mine is in decent shape, so I wait for someone that is looking for
a 200 Avant. I do not have the excuse that AWD is needed (I am in Calif.).


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>Subject: The feds are still determined to get my car, they added in more
money,	my wife is still determined to see it gone.
>I need some practical advice from all of you.
>When the cash for clunkers first opened up, I toyed with the idea ( 
>spurred on by a relentless persuasion by my wife) of finally getting a 
>new Jetta TDI. However it appeared all of them were long gone, swept up 
>by the first group of early birds. And when the Cash for Clunkers ran 
>out of money, I breathed a sign of relief, my decision was made for me, 
>thanks to my earlier foot dragging.
>Now that someone found out my car had been saved, they decided to pump 
>in more money to make sure that my wife would continue to have a reason 
>to keep reminding me. Here is the deal:
>1) Wife wants to see the old Audi out of the driveway...even though its 
>a daily driver on cooler days (no Freon).
>2) Rust starting to appear on the tip of the hood, and over the wheel
>3) Rear suspension needs two upper control arms  (yes it actually clunks)
>4) It needs four new tires before winter......tread down to less than an
>5) Two more brake flex hoses need swapping, a few of the rear brake fluid
hard lines should probably be changed as well.
>6) Timing belt has 80,000 (mostly freeway) on it, was going to do it before
winter, may just swap the belt and WP, since I did seals and idler as well
last time.....this time it may not need to go as long
>Pending repair in the near future, since the car presently has 278,000 
>on her:
>1) Original muffler,
>2) Original heater core...and some coolant hoses ( right at the turbo for
>3) Rear brake rework, new pads and rotors before winter.
>4) original fuel pump
>5) Drive shaft is still all original
>6) Brake master cylinder still original
>7) A/C control head is moody
>8) both rear windows do not work.
>What is this car worth.....are there people still willing to buy these 
>cars for the engine and transmission for a reasonable price? I would 
>rather take a smaller amount and save her from being crushed, but the 
>$4500 is a hard number for me to argue with my wife with against a much 
>smaller number.
>And of course, I can just keep her......but it will be a continual 
>fight to spend $$ on the car if something more than a hundred or two 
>needs to be replaced in the near future, or she uses up a few days or 
>week of warm garage space during the peak winter days. We live in 
>Michigan, a snow and ice free car means a lot in January and February.
>Thoughts from the collective???  I know what a few will say right 
>away.....but hoping to get a reasonable spread of opinions,
>Alan Cordeiro
>200q 20v, 278,000 miles,
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