Is it the TPS?

Kenneth Keith auditude at
Tue Aug 11 09:51:56 PDT 2009

Sounds to me like a torn wastegate diaphragm, or the hose to the lower
chamber.  What would be going on if that were true is that the WG is
not controlling/reducing boost, so it's spiking to the point that the
protective fuel cut is triggered.



rbade12 at wrote:
>  I'll put my vote in for an intake tract leak.
> Let us know what it was please.
> Bob
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> From: Phil Rose <pjrose at>
> Possibly TPS, but also consider possibility of a torn hose or loose
> clamp--suddenly "letting go" at some level of boost pressure. I
> assume your car is chipped? Have you looked closely at the throttle
> boot lately? A tear (near the edge of the clamp on the inner side you
> can't see easily) caused a similar symptom in my car. I detected the
> source of the leak with a pressure tester. Also, a split Michelin Man
> hose can sometimes "burp" suddenly when near the max boost pressure.
> Phil
> At 12:05 PM -0400 8/9/09, kneale at wrote:
>>I've been mashing the accelerator pedal of my 200q20v Avant and enjoying
>>the results ever since getting it rolling again a couple years ago.
>>Yesterday, after a night of very heavy rains, I experienced a really heavy,
>>jerking, scary hesitation when I had the foot to the floor.
>>I can run the engine up to near red line by slowly advancing the
>>accelerator pedal as long as I don't go to WOT.  Sounds, runs normally.
>>But hit the floorboard and I get this horrendously heavy jerking like the
>>engine cuts out completely.  It's worse than the A/C clutch spike I got on
>>my 200q20v sedan before the Audi mod was performed.
>>Would this result from a bad throttle position switch?

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