a day trip with the 200.../clunker

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or more to the point, what new cars today can hang with a well maintained and mildly modded 200q20v?

last time i checked 275HP/305 torque and AWD plus the fit and finish and interior quality of a new $50k car ain't too shabby ;-)

i think someone this board dragged their 200q20v with just an IA3+. it clocked a 13.8 second quarter mile. that's mighty competitive with today's sport sedans, no?

see ya,

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You wound up a little on the high side I thought for the project, but still what car can you get for $6-7k that is this well performing and solid and reliable?......i haven't looked in a while at what other used awd cars fall into this category

My last avant I bought for 4k, hit a deer got paid out $4200 paid $300 for some new fender and hood, took one eurolite and some grill parts off my donor car. Still pulls and drives good....allthough I do have the hp hydraulic hose leak to deal with....but overall I'm still very happy....i bought some sport seats which I haven't dealt with yet but after I dress her up for this winter I should have less than$1000 and 10hrs into it....so maybe the best program is not to give the car up as a clunker but get it totaled take the payout buy it back and keep rolling

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yeah, at this point, i'm so buried in the car financially - it will be with me for a long time (i hope).

in retrospect, maybe i should have held out for a cleaner example, but i really don't think they go for sale all that much. you usually have your choice, with regards to 200q20v, of decent looking high milers or lower mile ones that need some TLC.

i picked the latter. 114k on the clock for $2,800. on paper it looked pretty good. clean interior, new timing belt, UFOs, 02 sensor, 17" A4 rims, new radiators and cooling hoses, all paperwork. needed paint (faded roof), tires and shocks.

then the fun started ;-)

i probably have about $8,500 between purchase price, maintenance and mods into it and it's just now getting to be what i want. and it's not done yet - still gonna eventually change the color from worn out lago blue to oceanic blue.

my trials and tribulations are some of the reasons why these cars and the URS4s have really dumped in value. you really don't own an old audi - you sponsor it ;-) buying the car is the cheapest part of the equation. getting it reliable and even tastefully modded is the real wallet vampire.

i can't remember who said it - but when i was initially looking to buy, one cat said "sure, go for it. and once you spend 3 times your purchase price on maintenance, you'll have a really nice car!" SO TRUE!

see ya,

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I used to have a problem with my girlfriend not liking it when I 
occasionally (very rarely) let the turbo spool up.

Still have the car!

Pete, 91 Avant


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