Is it the TPS?

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 Excellent, I'm glad you found it! Now, who had intake tract in the pool?   Bob



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Air leak testing (see
) determined I had a little leak from the hose clamp at the turbo inlet
having been left untightened by someone before I bought the car, but
especially a large leak at the point the throttle body attaches to the
intake manifolod.

I had the throttle body off a while back to replace the valve cover gaskets
and I did not replace the paper gasket, which was kind of split in half,
but rather spread some hylemar on the halves.  Worked for a while.

I've been planning on replacing the throttle body because the famous
plastic cable keeper has disintigrated, so I guess I'll get that and a new

Thanks all for contributing ideas on why my avant doesn't like to go
all-out anymore.

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