Is it the TPS?

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Thu Aug 13 18:26:14 PDT 2009

My actual thought was the $141 device O34 offers as a replacement for the
throttle arm.  I initially was under the impression it was an all new
throttle body.  Upon further study, I learned it's just the arm for $141. 
I'll stick with the ziptie solution for now and possibly try making my own
metal arm to replace the plastic crap.

Regardless, I have a new gasket on order and will be disassembling that
intake mess yet again to plug up the leak.

By the way, OEM replacement part is something like $1400 'cause you can't
buy just the plastic part. 

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At 2:13 PM -0400 8/13/09, kneale at wrote:
>I've been planning on replacing the throttle body because the famous
>plastic cable keeper has disintigrated, so I guess I'll get that and a new

Last time I checked, a new (available dealer-only) throttle body cost 
something like $600. So I hope you can find a  donor car for a good 
used part. In my opinion, the cable end can be anchored very securely 
by various improvised means, so replacement of the entire TB can 
safely be avoided (also, how long will a 18 yr-old used TB last 
before the keeper breaks?)


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